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Finding Fundraising Money for Your School

Times are tough right now for just about everyone. The global financial crisis has put people of all walks of life in dire straits economically, and this can make fundraising a very difficult task indeed. It’s much more difficult to convince people to loosen their purse strings and burn up a bit of their expendable income for something that is not absolutely essentially. Impulse buys in general are down, and it’s just difficult to sell products that people have not planned on purchasing ahead of time. Right now, it’s incredibly difficult to think of creative ways of how to raise money for a charity.

This is where AusCause comes in- right now people are watching every dime and planning each and every purchase in advance, especially some that are rather large. If there were some way to combine these planned purchases with a fundraiser then the funding might still be readily available. Luckily, such a dual-natured economic opportunity exists!

Funds for Charity from Everyday Purchases

The basic premise is extraordinarily simple. When a customer makes a purchase through AusCause they also make a donation to a charity of their choice. If you make your fundraiser available and advertised then people have a chance to donate to your cause whenever they make their purchase. This web portal is allied with merchants all across the globe and from all economic venues; if a potential customer wants a product, odds are pretty good that they can find and purchase it via this portal. For your cause, this means that someone who might be a casual customer and not very likely to make a fundraising donation can still contribute to your cause while getting the item that they have wanted.

Now you might be thinking that only a fraction of your purchase price will be donated towards your cause. Unlike other similar ventures that donate only cents of the total price to your cause, AusCause actually donates up to six percent of the total price to your cause. So if, for example, someone made a purchase for a one hundred dollar item, up to six dollars of that to the cause of your choice.

Why should you not capitalize on this opportunity? It spares you from the degrading experience of going door to door and asking people to hand over money that they probably can’t afford, and it spares those people from having to feel ashamed or just down whenever they have to turn you away empty handed. If these people are going to make a purchase anyway, you can simply direct their attention to this website, let them make their purchase, and enjoy the benefits of their combined purchase and donation.

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